It's time your savings got a job.

Put your savings to work with a 7.50% APY* High-Rate Savings Account.

Tired of your savings lazing about?

It happened again: After a long day’s work, you come home to find your savings sitting around doing nothing. That’s the final straw—it’s time your savings got a job.

Put your savings to work with a 7.50% APY* High-Rate Savings Account. You’ll earn 7.5% APY* on your first $500 and a great rate after that.

Turn your savings into a hard worker with a 7.50% APY* High-Rate Savings Account.

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Account Balance APY Earned Dividend at CU of NJ Average Annual Interest at Banks**
$500 7.500% $37.50 $0.45
$1,500 2.533% $38.00 $1.35
$2,500 1.540% $38.50 $2.25
$5,000 0.795% $39.75 $4.50
$15,000 0.315% $47.25 $13.50

Use this handy tool to match your own personal savings goal:

Drag slider to see how much in earned dividends (or interest) you'll receive with your CU of NJ high-rate Savings Account.

You don't have time to mess around.

Whatever your financial goals are, you’re going to need expert advice and exceptional strategies to move your forward.

Saving for a new car? College education? Wedding? Vacation home? Retirement? Done. No risky ventures, “get rich quick” schemes or products you don't need—just a solid plan with effective outcomes.

Here’s a three-pronged strategy to get you to your target goals.

Share Certificates: A strong, safe (and guaranteed) return

You don't have to be a Wall Street rock star to earn a great rate on your investment. We offer a number of different Share Certificates with varying terms so you can save comfortably without having to worry about the ups and downs of the stock market. You'll earn better-than-average rates with a deposit as low as just $500.

If retirement is weighing on your mind, look into one of our Individual Retirement Account (IRA) Certificates. You'll still earn a guaranteed return (a penalty will be imposed for early withdrawals before the age of 59½). The interest you earn may be tax-deductible. And, a portion of the money you invest—up to $5,500 per year under age 50 and $6,500 age 50 and older—will reduce your taxable income.

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Money Market Accounts: The best of both worlds.

Here's another smart (and easy) way to increase your earnings without tying up your money at all. A Money Market Account gives you the liquidity of a savings account with higher-than-average interest rates**. Plus, it's tiered, so the more money you have in the account, the more you'll earn. Think “emergency nest egg,” and you have the perfect solution with our Money Market Account.

  • Open an account with a minimum of $1,000
  • Earn high dividends that are compounded monthly
  • Funds can be transferred to your CU of NJ Checking Account when needed
  • Online transfers can be made through e-Banking

It's a solid way to stay liquid. If you have less than $10,000 to invest, you can open your Money Market Account online. For accounts over $10,000, stop by any of our convenient locations and we'll get your earnings started.

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Smart Long-Range Planning: Your future is here.

The third prong of your savings strategy is also the most critical—long-range planning. This is where our financial advisors can really come into play. We'll offer you the guidance you need to get ready for life events such as:

  • Getting the kids through college
  • Protecting your business
  • Succession planning
  • Retirement and income strategies
  • Unexpected hardships

We even have solutions for long-term care and life insurance policies. So don't wait. Start thinking about the future now.

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APY=Annual Percentage Yield. 7.5% APY will be paid on the daily balance in your account up to the first $500.00. A dividend rate of 0.05% will be paid only on the portion of your daily balance between $500.01 to $9,999.99 with an APY range for this tier of 7.500% APY to 0.423% APY depending on the balance in the account. A dividend rate of 0.10% will be paid only on the portion of your daily balance between $10,000 and $250,000 with an APY range for this tier of 0.423% APY to 0.113% APY depending on the balance in the account. All rates are subject to change, after account opening, without notice. Maximum deposit amount is $250,000. Membership in good standing and a Regular Share account with a $5 minimum deposit is required. Requires a $50.00 minimum balance. Fees could reduce earnings. Additional savings accounts established under the same member name, and related tax identification number, are not eligible for these special terms. APY is effective as of June 1, 2018. One 7.5% Savings account per member.


National average bank savings rate of 0.09% annually derived from Bank Rate.

There are no fees for up to four teller withdrawals each month. You are allowed a maximum of six non-branch transactions per month. Fees may reduce earnings.

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