Don't let credit card debt rule your finances.

With the average New Jersey household in $9,454 of credit card debt*, it can be tough to make real headway and pay those balances off. Now you can get back on your feet with a Credit Union of New Jersey Lifestyle Loan.

That’s why we created the Lifestyle Loan. It’s a savvy strategy to rid your credit card debt once and for all.

  • Fixed-rate, fixed-term loan—as low as 6.24% for 36 months**
  • Take 90 days to make your first payment***
  • The simple way to get rid of your credit card debt

Take charge of your debt today with a fixed-rate Lifestyle Loan.

Apply today for a Lifestyle Loan

We offer rates as low as:

  • 6.24%APR
    For 36 Months**
  • 7.24%APR
    For 48 Months**
  • 8.24%APR
    For 60 Months**

You can borrow up to


and take up to 90 days before making your first payment***.

What are you waiting for?

Apply for a Lifestyle Loan today

and enjoy the life you were meant to live.


Data regarding 2018 credit card debt in New Jersey and the state’s rank in terms of overall average credit card debt per household were pulled from ValuePenguin.


Annual Percentage Rate (APR) effective as of July 1, 2018. Subject to credit approval. Financing available up to 60 months. Rates as low as 6.24% for 36 months, 7.24% for 48 months, and 8.24% for 60 months. Rates are based on credit worthiness. Payment amount is determined by APR and term. The loan payment is $30.54 per $1,000 borrowed at 6.24% for 36 months. The loan payment is $24.07 per $1,000 borrowed at 7.24% for 48 months. The loan payment is $20.40 per $1,000 borrowed at 8.24% for 60 months. Rates subject to change at any time.


Each personal loan closed during this promotional period will make no payments for 90 days. Accepting the terms of "no payment for 90 days offer" will extend the maturity of your loan for at least 90 days but less than 110 days. If accepting the delayed first payment, you will not be eligible for any other skipping/delaying your payment during 2020. Interest will accrue during this period. Loan amounts of up to $25,000 are available. Processing fee of $35 will apply.

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