Gain financial security with our Home Equity products.

Use your home’s value to give you and your family a foothold during these difficult times. With our Home Equity Line of Credit, you’ll get a competitive rate and flexible terms. What’s even better is that you’ll have money available to you if and when you need it, but you won’t need to pay anything on your HELOC until you do withdraw cash from it.

Our Home Equity loan will give you a fixed lump sum over a fixed term, so you’ll know exactly how much the monthly payment will be and exactly when it will be paid off.

Take comfort in your home.

Our Home Equity products give you the power to create financial stability for you and your family. With great low rates and terms up to 20 years, you can borrow as little as $5,000 and as much as $500,000. Apply today and enjoy the freedom to prosper—right at home.

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Here's how we're helping our members with moderate incomes achieve the American dream of home ownership:

Home Ready® Mortgage

We've partnered with Fannie Mae to offer Home Ready® Mortgage, an affordable conventional home financing program for moderate and low-income families. Features of Home Ready® Mortgage include:

  • Offering low down payment options
  • Allowing Income support from extended family members
  • Allowing co-borrower flexibility
  • Accepting additional income sources

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